Humans & GOD

Sometimes I wonder why God even created us. We bring no peace to the land we live on. What we do is just hurt others while comforting our own filthy selves. God should have ended us the day he took away the soul of the last prophet from the Earth. Because after that, we fought, we shed blood of our own kind. We troubled the nature. we took everything and burnt it in the flames of hatred. Now, a stage has come that we would be left with nothing but sins. God has prepared a day when he will throw sinners like us into the burning hell then what is he waiting for? What’s the matter? Why is He taking time to do so? Rape, blood, bombings, suicides, filth, lust and many more gruesome actions are being done. God should end this because he has the power to do it. We people can’t. We’ll keep going on like this.
People are just funny when they point fingers at you. They think that they are wonderfully factual and truthful. But they don’t know that they are doing an act of bigotry. People consider themselves flawless but the truth is that they are already sunk in the marsh of flaws.
Human beings have always liked to deviate. They get bore easily of the monotonous life. That’s why they started deviating from the path and divided it into sub paths leading to other several paths. They even got bored of just ONE GOD and fabricated their own. And not only this, some genius got bored of it too and became god by themselves. According to them, there is no GOD but they are the owners of this land Earth. But according to reality, there is just ONE GOD and nothing else and they know it. They are just envious of ONE GOD and thus refuse to accept HIS existence.
Funny, humans are just funny pieces of cake. Religions, sects, sub-sects when couldn’t entertain them they created some other sports and became socialists, conservatives, feminists, communists, racists, narcissists, egoists and many more to be added in this list of bloody sports.
We sin. We hide it. We repeat it. We repent. But we never change. We hate. We love. We pray. Whatever we do we aren’t sincere. We are not purest of the human breed. We are poisoned with a lot of bafflement, fake attitudes, false notions, fabricated concepts and infertile thoughts. We are becoming more and more robotic while losing the sense of humanity. The blood in us that runs has lost its true colour.
We know that GOD knows everything about us for He created us then why he let us do the sin. Why he doesn’t interfere while we are committing suicide, fornication, murder etc. why he just watches or (maybe) ignores us? Why he is so committed to just punish us after we complete a bad task. Why doesn’t he stop us right away before we act upon an idea? I mean why?
The free will that he granted us He should never have had given us. We have disgraced GOD and His existence. He called us “The most proficient of the creations” and what we do is just worst. We let down GOD. Every single being is dependent upon something for its survival and we humans depend upon each other and on GOD too. GOD isn’t dependent upon us so He can end us anytime He wants but He’s waiting for something to happen before HE ends us and I don’t know what’s that.
We humans are hypocrites and mean. We forget people when we don’t need them and we make our enemies friends when we need them on our sides and make friends our worst enemies.
Money, the biggest attraction on this land, have troubled a lot of men. Men have killed men for money and even betrayed GOD for it. The one who can betray GOD can do any worse thing. Indeed, we’ve always been and GOD have watched us. He punished the ones who came before us and He’ll punish us too sooner or later. Just prepare yourselves.



People need to see into their own hearts and then, on the basis of what they have been doing, judge other people, organization, institution or a race.

People must know how to, what to, and when to speak.

People know nothing and start blabbering and when they are asked to show the facts, logics or reason they will always reply that they’ll tell us later. But in reality, they don’t have facts. They will make some bogus agendas and start whacking others. Maybe this is some kind of trending stunt to get attention or getting famous or notorious in public but Yes, it’s a wrong one. And some kids act bigger than their age and when get hurt they’ll blame you or this whole society. Indeed, society is going to hurt you and it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself. If you are going to jump longer than your feet then you are going to break your own feet. It’d be better to keep the sluggish tongue under your control. This world is already a fire place don’t add more oil in it. If you really want peace, you should stay cool and quiet. If you want justice then you need to accept your mistakes first and if you think you have never done wrong then you are wrong. We humans are always bad in someone’s story. Once you’ve done in life, you’ll pay for it later in life at any time even if you forget about it because nature and the angels writing your acts never forget.

Why we change?

There’s always something that makes you change yourself. It makes you leave some people, places or so called friends. Something that lifts up the beliefs that you had in the people that you had, once. It might be a note or a scripture, a picture maybe. It might be your own subconsciousness that puts you into a drawing condition. People are always the reason for the change in your life; it’s not just you.


Let the devil
Come outside
Get yourself

Let the bridges
Be fallen
Get yourself

Let the dreams
Be broken
Get yourself

Let the dark
Prevail you
Get yourself

Let the enemy
Beat you
Get yourself

Let the wishes
Be dead
Get yourself

Let the end
Be soon
Get yourself

Let the doors
Be opened
Get yourself

Let the story
Be out
Let it be
A ruined