Free will

God g├áve you free will. You can choose things freely. None can chain a bird that already caged itself. For, It doesn’t like to be approached. Because if that had happened it would have felt weak. And birds don’t like to be weak, right? It chose this way for itself.However, It wasn’t destined to be that way. The cages can be broken but what’s use of breaking it when one doesn’t even want that way. It’d distance the worlds even more. It’d get scary even more.

Talking to Mirror

“I am a depressing man. I know that. And I don’t have much hopes. I’m an idiot but I am not that much of a fool that I’d think of myself as someone’s special. That’s not me. It’s always money and stable future that’s special. That’s why I pushed myself down. You are someone who’s being applauded, appreciated and talked about. Everyday you are lucky to find lots of people around you. You are being entertained every moment. You have what you want. And you don’t have what you don’t want. And still you claim that you aren’t happy and you want something other than this. So you’re blessed with choices. Once you want silence it’s there for you. And once you want entertainment it’s also there for you. It all happens for you. Then it’s, at least, a hope for you that you can have more.”